Maternity Leave

Finally, at 36 weeks, I am on maternity leave. It is quite strange to think that for the next 4 months or so I won’t be returning to work.

To be honest, I have never – in my time working at my school – worked so hard as the past four months. I wanted to have everything ready and in order for my replacement and up until last Monday school hadn’t found anyone to replace me yet. Fortunately, they hired a replacement on Monday and I was able to hand all my work over to him on Tuesday, which was my last day.

It will require some serious effort on my part to “let go” and not worry about work. Just another life lesson, I suppose.




There We Go Again…

About one-and-a-half week ago we discovered a small bump on the inside of our dog’s left ear. It had been more than a year ago since we had discovered a small growth on the side of his lip. I felt the bump in his year with my fingertips and immediately thought it wasn’t looking good: it was hard like another growth and not soft like a ‘regular’ inflammation. When I went into the vet’s office last Thursday, she confirmed my worries. She wanted to take a biopsy specimen from the growth with a hollow needle. She used three different needles but none contained anything useful. And so it came to be that my husband could bring our dog to the vet’s office again the following morning for the growth to be surgically removed.

I was not completely ‘there’ at work on Friday. I kept thinking about Rufus being anesthetized on the operating table and having to come back groggy with stitches in his ear and wearing a so-called ‘Elizabethan Collar’ – not to mention the waiting for the results…


Fortunately, Rufus quickly recovered from the anesthesia and the surgery as a whole. The vet managed to cut the growth out and sow everything back together quite nicely.  Now that we don’t have any painkillers to give him, the itching sometimes gets the better of him, but we’re keeping a close eye on him when we’re at home. When we’re away or at night – when we’re sleeping – he has to wear the collar.

We should have the results of the biopsy by the end of the week. Fingers crossed everything will turn out fine!


22 Weeks


22+1 to be exact. Things are picking up: at work as well as my own studies which are starting up again today. I’m feeling well the majority of the time. I only notice I’m sleeping lighter and sometimes I have the worst heartburn… But that’s about it really. Last week I gained half a kilo and my belly has grown about 1 cm.

At work, my students are particularly interested in the baby: baby names, if she’s kicking yet, how I’m feeling. Of course, since I’m at least as excited as they are, I have the tendency to go along with their talk and questions. However, I have to consciously decide to cut them off at one point because they’re there to learn other stuff as well!

21 weeks

21 week bumpThe most exciting and anticipated thing happened this week. On Saturday morning we were having breakfast in bed and I could feel the baby move really well. So I told my husband to put his hand on my belly and be patient. Sure enough, after a while she started moving and she just didn’t seem to want to stop. That was the first time my husband could feel the baby move. On Sunday, it was my mother-in-law’s turn, but the baby only moved once that time. Now my sister-in-law can’t wait to feel her move, but every time she puts her hand on my belly, there’s no movement to be felt whatsoever. I guess she’ll just have to be a little bit more patient.

I have now told all the students I teach that I’m expecting and their reactions were all really nice. It started on the first day of lessons with a new group I teach. There was this girl who said she wanted to ask me something. The other students she was sitting with were kind of laughing hysterically and told her that she shouldn’t ask me the question she was wanting to ask. Eventually, she walked up to me and asked if I was thinking of having children. And I told her, yes, I was. Then she asked me if I was expecting one now and I told her yes. She congratulated me and walked back to her laughing classmates with a gloating smile upon her face. Priceless. To spare my other students all this embarrassment, I decided to just come out and tell them.

I had another appointment at the midwife that same day and my husband decided that he didn’t want to come along because she would just ask me how I was feeling, make a note of my weight (with all of my clothes on) and blood pressure and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. My mother-in-law, however, decided that she wanted to come along. Although she was glad she’d gone with me, she told me afterwards that she could understand my husband a bit better now. Everything was fine. by the way. Blood pressure was even a bit lower than last time. I’m now steadily gaining weight and the baby’s heart sounded great again.

Today (like every other week) I measured my belly and it’s grown 2 cm (0.8 in) in just one week. It’s crazy how fast everything seems to be going now…